Scars On Broadway, интервью Music Towers. Ч. 1

В прошлом месяце, когда Scars On Broadway посетили Англию второй раз, у Music Towers была возможность пообщаться с ними в гримерке перед лондонским выступлением. Хотя фронтмена, Дарона Малакяна, и не было, Music Towers с удовольствием пообщались с ударником группы — Джоном Долмаяном.

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Scars on Broadway на Wide-Eyed

Scars On BroadwayWhen System of a Down went on indefinite hiatus in 2006, vocalist / guitarist / songwriter Daron Malakian and drummer John Dolmayan surrounded themselves with what they each love most. For Malakian that meant relentlessly writing songs, continuing the ponderously prolific streak he started on SOAD’s double-disc finale Mesmerize/Hypnotize. For Dolmayan it meant creating his own online comic book superstore, Torpedo Comics, so his collection could swell into the millions. Читать полностью »

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The Gauntlet: Scars on Broadway

Jason Fisher

The Gauntlet: How’s Europe?

John: Today is the one sunny day in London for the year. I don’t know how we found it.

The Gauntlet: How’s the tour?

John: It’s ok. How hard can it be though, we play rock songs for a living.

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