Interview: Shavo Odadjian for Yerevan Magazine

Shavo Odadjian for Yerevan MagazineShavo recently made interview was Yerevan magazine, He said that this interview would be very special because of his current state of mind: deeply in love.

He also said that there are several emotional or spiritual statues of mind and body that we absolutely need to discuss over the course of our interview, because if one wants to understand him as a person, that is the direction to take . That reminded us of Nine stories of J.D. Salinger, in which each story represents an emotional state with its own Zen symbols.

Here’s bits from the interview:

-You’re an artist. Is love important for you?

I am engaged, she is a smart, genius writer. I asked her to marry me on 08.08.08 when we were overseas. It was love at first sight, and it had never happened before in my life. We were drawn to each other. I have never done that- I lived hard. Recently, for the first time in 2 years, she let me read her stuff. When I read it…I cried, I swear to god. I want to write music for her. We have set up the wedding date- May 22.

-Do you believe in change?

I have learned things in my life. I believe in paradigm shifts; when something changes in 4 or 5 years within our souls and bodies. If you don’t take care of your physical well being, your soul will go with it. so i gave a lot of thought an took off where I started. I multiplied it, and now I am the happier person.
I had a lot of pain in me for three years, i was putting myself down. I wrote all these songs while working with system of a Down:

«Sugar», «Toxicity», «The Devil», «Jet Pilot», «You Think», «Dreaming» and many others. At times I worked for 12 hours a day, but didn’t always take credit for my work. For me, the system was always about us, not me. The people targeted me , because I «shined», and I wasn’t aware of that ‘shine’ at the time. Now I understand that it was simple jealousy that made then act that way. I felt hurt and depressed, but soon I started working again and signed up with Funk Master George Clinton for the album, George Clinton and his Gangsters of love. I wrote many songs right here in this room. my friend RZA helped me and played a major role of these changes to take place.

-Your latest album with RZA, leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, is called Achozen, Can you expand on its name?

We’re sparks, and we travel in time and space.

These sparks have important role- they possess experience, but they are not physical coz they don’t have consciousness or heart.

Some people carry these sparks, other are empty.

Then there are 15% of people who carry the light of knowledge, but some of them are using it to acquire power, manipulate other for evil purpose. And then, there is the 5%, who are called Achozen. Jesus Christ was Achozen. It would not be blasphemy if I say that he was a special person. I think they crucified him to show everybody else to shut their mouths, not to talk. Why do you think they did that presentation — it was really a presentation, a parade — the crucifixion, and the whole ascent to Golgotha?

It was a parade, and they scared everyone, particularly people who ‘shine’. He was Achosen and he used his light to help people in need not because he was naive. Sadly, kind people are a minority. Why is it not cool for everybody to help other and show the best human qualities? Yet OI believe in being positive now, in spite of seeing so much negativism around. So Achozen stands for the future, and my reference to Achozen in this album was more about the society that we live in, not to religion.

-You took a step ahead of the game with How did the internet change the music industry and how did you come up with the idea?

The Internet changed everything, its officially done. I had a best friend from the first grade. You know friendship at that time — we are best friend, we are not talking to each other, then we are best friends again, then we don’t talk again. Then we met again as adults and came up with the idea of the urSESSION. The first year he was in charge, now I am in charge. UrSESSION is an on-line musicians’ networking destination. The site is the first ever to allow for video networked auditioning, The members vote for their favorite casts and this create a fan-drive, open market for independent artists and musicians of all genres worldwide.

— What did you learn from this experience of being a member of one of the best rock groups in the world?

I learned first and foremost about myself. I am still a kid inside, I love when people smile, and I want to make them smile, because that change everything, it gives people energy, and I am ready to give that energy to everyone, but now to my future family and kids. that is the most important for me.

Interview by Lianna Zakharian for Yerevan magazine, Winter 2010

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