Scars on Broadway почти развалились

Басист группы Scars on Broadway Доминик Цифарелли (Dominic Cifarelli) в феврале 2009-го года дал интервью для своих фанатов на «Fans Of Dominic Cifarelli».

В нем он сказал, что все идет к тому, что группы почти не существует.

Само интервью…

Almost a year and a half ago Dominic Cifarelli released his debut solo album “The Chronicles of Israfel, Starborn Part 1” through his independent arts label “Bridge of Hands Entertainment”. Since then many wild and wonderful things have happened and I took some time to chat Scars on Broadway, the return of Israfel, DiMazio sponsorship amongst other things. Enjoy a trip into the World of Israfel.

Richard Murillo: Thanks for taking time to do this interview Dominic. Since the last time we spoke a lot has changed in your life? Let’s start off with Scars on Broadway. How did you get the opportunity to join the band?

Dominic Cifarelli: I got a call from my former manager asking me if I knew any bass players. At the time I was actually looking for someone to play bass in Chronicles. When he told me who it was for, I immediately said I wanted to do it. I would play triangle in Scars if Daron or John had asked me to.

RM: You managed to play in some of Europe’s many cities. Did any places stand out and for what reason?

DC: I have always loved going to Europe I was finally able to visit places that I’ve never been to like Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Italy. It was ridiculous. The kids are very respectful and very supportive. I wish we would have been able to go one last time before the band ended.

RM: If you were only allowed to come back to one of the places you visited while with Scars were would it be and why?

DC: I really can’t answer that cause the whole month out there was so awesome. Every city was really very special.

RM: How did you find the transition from playing Prog Metal guitar in Chronicles of Israfel to Heavy Rock bass with Scars?

DC: It wasn’t really a huge transition for me. I like so many different styles of music and I am able to adapt to pretty much any situation.

RM: I am sure you guys had some great times on the road. Care to share any memorable moments from your time touring Europe?

DC: We watched a lot of youtube videos with John and had some crazy laughs for sure. We really got along very well and we had a lot of fun on the bus after the shows listening to music on the ride to the next city. We also explored most of the cities we visited unless we were stuck somewhere that didn’t have much going on.

RM: I am sure a lot of Scars fans will want to know if and when you guys are getting back together or planning any more shows this year. Any news on that front?

DC: Nope. It’s pretty much over. I have not heard a peep and I am very deep into the process of the next Chronicles incarnation.

RM: Away from Scars you have been working on the second album for your Chronicles of Israfel solo project. How are things progressing?

DC: I have been working very hard on it since november ’08. After the Scars breakup I spent a few months on my couch wishing I would disappear. Then I realized that everything happens for a reason, and this was the perfect time to get up and use what happened as fuel and inspiration to write an amazing album. It is turning out better than I expected.

RM: I understand from checking the new home of Israfel that there maybe some new band members involved in the second album?

DC: Yup, Vince and I are the only original members. I knew that this project would be a revolving door of musicians. But now, I feel as though these new guys are gonna stick around for the duration of the series.

RM: For those people who have not been lucky enough to have listened to the first album can you give us a quick summary of what they are missing?

DC: Not really! HAHA! It’s way too deep to summarize. They should head to the site and buy the album!

RM: What can we be expecting from the next installment of The Chronicles of Israfel? More of the same or something different?

DC: I never repeat myself. Well, I try not to at least. I can say that I got a lot better at writing songs that connect, hopefully. The overall vibe is much darker and heavier. Way more metal than the last one.

RM: Do you have any plans on touring the second album?

DC: I plan on touring at least 2 years on this new album. I hope we can make it happen this time cause we’re busting out of our skin, dying to get back on the road!

RM: When can we expect to hear some new tracks?

DC: I hope to have a sampler with 4 songs from the album done by summer time. I’m thinking about releasing 2 online then all 4 on a physical disc.

RM: Have you any idea when the second album will be released?

DC: Nope. No idea at this point. I have way too much work ahead of me.

RM: The first album received some very positive reviews. How do you hope build on the initial success of the first album?

DC: I wouldn’t really say it was a success, but it felt good to have some people pay attention and spread the word a little further. I hope to be able to build on what I started 5 years ago, and I hope the fan base grows enough so we can stay on the road and play for more and more people every day.

RM: A lot of people have drawn comparison to your music and bands such as Tool, Dream Theatre and Steve Via. Could you share some of your musical influences that have helped shape your sound today?

DC: Tool has never been an influence on my music. I respect them but they do nothing for me. Steve Vai is my God and Dream Theater is my church. There are so many musicians, artists and bands that inspire me but lately I have been tripping on Children of Bodom and IAMX. They are both ridiculous.

RM: I hear that you have been added to the Artist roster of DiMarzio? How did that come about?

DC: I just called em up to ask a few questions about some pickups I wanted to buy. I then realized I was speaking to the head tech, so I asked him about a possible endorsement, and less than a week later it all happened. They are really about the players and originality. They are super supportive and very generous. I’m honored to be part of the DiMarzio family.

RM: Some of the most innovative progressive guitar players such as Steve Via, Joe Satriani and John Petrucci all endorse DiMarzio. How does it feel to be in their company?

DC: Pretty intimidating! I have been practicing harder than ever !

RM: What DiMarzio products have you been using? How are they shaping the sound of Israfel?

DC: I have the Evolution 7 in the bridge position and the Air Norton 7 in the neck. They sound super clear and full of tone. They definitely help me get my point accross.

RM: Would you be kind enough to share some of the music and films you have enjoyed recently?

DC: Besides my recent obsession with Children of Bodom and IAMX, not much besides trying not to watch too many violent movies lately. I think I may have overdone that type of thing cause it’s haunting my nightmares.

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